Type of construction

Built with blocks of cassero (red pine chips with Portland cement – see photo) the complex has a high level of thermal and acustic isolation. Floors and ceilings have been built with the same material.
Ce système permet de limiter au maximum les dispersions thermiques en hiver comme en été.

We are already in the future!

The complex uses a no-gas system with heating supplied by a heating pump with a closed circuit which has within it a special fluid (the same as in a fridge) with the pump extracting from its surroundings air and/or water for the necessary vapour to either heat or air condition the apartments.
This system gives a good internal thermal level in the apartments both in winter and summer without the use of methane gas saving on costs and being ecologically friendly. The whole system is designed to maximise energy efficiency and minimise costs



  Apartments available:      

Single Room

One Room comprising
living room, kitchen and
bedroom area and separate
bathroom area

35 sq m

Two Room

Separate Bedroom with
Living Room and Kitchen
area combined and separate
bathroom area

55 to 60 sq m

Three Room

Combined Living Room and Kitchen
area, one double and one single
bedroom and
separate bathroom

70 to 76 sq m


Via XXV aprile n. 60, 21023 Besozzo (Va) P. Iva 02932970128

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